Sakena Alalawi, Doctoral Researcher, UCLA Department of Information Studies, R3 Initiative

Kathy Carbone, Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA Department of Information Studies, The Amplification Project: Digital Archive for Forced Migration, Contemporary Art, and Action, R3 Initiative

Kristin B. Cornelius, Visiting Researcher, Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge, Human Security Informatics (HSI) and Blockchain for Refugees, R3 Initiative

Anne J. Gilliland, Professor, UCLA iSchool (Director, Archival Education and Research Initiative (AERI) and the Emerging Archival Scholars Program (EASP) and PI, Refugee Rights in Records (R3) Initiative

Marianna Hovhannisyan, Doctoral Researcher, Visual Arts Department, University of California, San Diego, Curating Archives, Curating Slippages (funded by the University of California Critical Refugee Studies Collective), R3 Initiative.

Kristell Jimenez (UCLA), MLIS Student Researcher, R3 Initiative

James Lowry, Lecturer, Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS), co-PI, R3 Initiative

Elham Sayyad-Abdi, Post-doctoral Researcher at the Queensland University of Technology  (QUT), and a research Associate at the University of Southern Queensland  (USQ), R3 Initiative

Tonia Sutherland, Assistant Professor, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, co-PI, AERI EASP

Kelvin L. White, Associate Professor, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Oklahoma, co-PI, AERI EASP

Past R3 graduate student researchers: Emma Cummings and Ember Taylor (LUCAS); Lauren Sorensen (UCLA)