Welcome to
the UCLA Center for Information as Evidence


The  Center for Information as Evidence (CIE) is located within UCLA's  iSchool, the Department of Information Studies. 

Its director is Professor Anne J. Gilliland.

CIE serves as an  interdisciplinary and critical forum for research, policy development  and public discourse addressing the ways in which information objects  and systems are created, used, and preserved as legal, administrative,  scientific, social, cultural and historical evidence. 

With a particular  emphasis on addressing the preservation and use of recorded evidence and  archives in support of human rights, social justice and community  empowerment, CIE is committed to incorporating  community perspectives  from around the globe, working across boundaries and barriers, and  creatively and rigorously implementing diverse methodological and  analytical approaches.


Rights in Records for Refugees Symposium sponsored by CIE, the University of Liverpool Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS) and the Vera and Donald Open Society Archives at Central European University was held January 10, 2018, Budapest. Information about the symposium, presentors and discussion can be found here.

[Dis]memory, [Mis]representation, & [Re]figuring the Archival Lens: Kenneth Karmiole Symposium on Visual Archives, was held on January 26, 2018, UCLA Department of Information Studies.

Upcoming Events


AERI 2018, the tenth annual summer institute of the Archival Education and Research Initiative will be held at the University of Alabama, July 9-13, 2017.