about cie

The Center for Information as Evidence was founded in 2005 and has served as a locus and partner for numerous research and development projects as well as a sponsor or co-sponsor of ground-breaking research symposia such as The Antonym of Forgetting: Global Perspectives on Human Rights Archives (2014), Affect and the Archive (2015), Refugee Rights in Records (January 10, 2018) and [Dis]memory, [Mis]representation, & [Re]figuring the Archival Lens: Kenneth Karmiole Symposium on Visual Archives (January 26, 2018).

If you are interested in affiliating with CIE, or in collaborating on a research project or organizing a symposium or other event, please email Anne Gilliland at gilliland@gseis.ucla.edu.

Center Objectives

  • To encourage local and global discourse around notions of  information as evidence that articulate and expand upon this as an area of  study
  • To promote interdisciplinary and transnational research, practice and educational approaches to the preservation and use of information artifacts as evidence by facilitating collaborations that bridge theory and practice, and cross the academy, government, judicial, industry, and affected communities
  • To monitor relevant local and global issues relating to recordkeeping and archives, accountability, equity, social justice and rights, especially human rights, and
  • To sponsor relevant outreach
  • dissemination activities and research forums that promote public and scholarly awareness of information as evidence concerns, and
  • To advocate for accountability, equity, social justice and human rights based on the findings of research initiatives undertaken by the Center and its partners